Expired Film Day!

Expired Film Day!
15 March 2016 - Expired Film Day!


This event is presented by Daniel J. Schneider, EMULSIVE, Ray Larose and Marc van Ommeren.

15 March will be a day when all film photographers in the world (who are participating) will be using expired films!

They have a giveaway!
All you need to do to enter the giveaway is to fill out this form until Feb. 25; winners will be drawn and notified on Feb. 26 so they can get shipping underway.
Expired Film Day
Photo by Daniel J. Schneider

But wait!
This isn't only a giveaway! You can win prizes as well!
After 15th of March when we'll all be using expired film, photographers can submit up to 3 images to the shared gallery for a chance to win prizes!

Submissions will be open for an entire month - from March 15 through April 15 - so you should have plenty of time to process and scan your film.

To see the prizes that are offered and rules check out this page: #EXPIREDFILMDAY2016

See you out there, on the 15th of March, shooting film!