Happy world photography day - 2016!

Happy world photography day - 2016!
Today we're celebrating world photography day!

It's the 19th of August!
World photography day!

Last year, on this very same day we published an article featuring artists that we had published until then (you can see it here).
Since that day we published a lot of articles and we'd like to thank all of you for the help and support you've given us!

We're celebrating this special day with our community by giving you a sneak peak into what's coming to onfilm.photo!

The following images are from yet unpublished posts and interviews with fellow film photographers.
Enjoy and wait for the posts for more shots!

Pelayo Arbues

*Pelayo Arbues*

Dora Kontha

*Dora Kontha*

Ondra Zeman

*Ondra Zeman*

Katrina Mense-Chase

*Katrina Mense-Chase*

David Congnard

*David Congnard*

Purcarea Andrei

*Purcarea Andrei*

Naghi Bernard

*Naghi Bernard*

Richard PJ Lambert

*Richard PJ Lambert*