I just found these 3D printer project files for a film adapter and thought "I should give it a try!"

So, one day I came across these project files for a 3D printed adapter that would allow me to shoot 35mm on my medium format Hasselblad. I always wanted to shoot film on the whole surface, even on the sprockets.

So I downloaded the files, sent them to a lab for printing, and the total cost rose around 3$ LOL.

I shot the pics at a picnic in the countryside on a cheap fuji film, taking advantage of the green background.

I was really impressed with the results, the Zeiss lens made a big impact on the small 35mm film. I developed the film at home using Tetenal C-41, dried it and kept it in a book to straighten as much as possible.

The thing I'm not satisfied with is the scanning. Because I couldn't use the film holder, as I wanted the prockets to be scanned to, I had to stick the film directly on the glass plate of my Canon Canoscan 8800f flatbed scanner. It resulted in some Newton rings, but all in all, I really enjoyed the project, and will shoot more film like this. I'll try wet scanning the next time, though!

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