Out for groceries by Daniel Bocai

With this series I wanted to showcase a very specific Romanian aesthetic: shopping with your grandparents at the local market.

Out for groceries by Daniel Bocai

Here's a memory refresher if you don't remember Daniel:

My name is Daniel Bocai, but most people call me Dane. I’m 20 and I’m from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I am studying Cognitive Sciences and Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands, although I’m not sure I’ll keep this path in the future as photography is actually the thing I’m passionate about.

I’m sure everyone in Romania has at least one memory, walking through the market and just looking around at the colourful fruit and vegetables, and trying to help as much as possible, feeling so strong for carrying all the bags that your grandparents carefully picked. Daiana was dressed alike to the grandmas from my childhood, with the classic scarf around the head.

In the second part, with Vlada, I went a few years in the future. At its core, grocery shopping has stayed the same, but the aesthetic has drastically changed. From the more carelessly arranged fruit and vegetables, to the now meticulously separated variety of foods, from the older styled clothing to a more modern leather outfit. Despite all this, the vibe remains unchanged, and so do the memories of grocery shopping.

All shots were captured on a Yashica AF-j with Kodak Ektar 100.

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