Repairing a Pentax PC35AF-M at home

Repaired a Pentax PC35AF-M at home and shot a test roll (Kodak Gold) with it.

Repairing a Pentax PC35AF-M at home

I'm a Pentax fan, I'll admit it, and whenever I can get my hands onto a Pentax bargain, I won't think twice. So one day I found an ebay auction and got 2 broken point-and-shoot Pentax cameras for 10 euro 💶: a PC35AF-M (which is a PC35AF motorised) and a PC555-Gold.

I already had a PC35AF that does not expose correctly and thought: maybe I can make one work out of the two. So I opened it up, there was a lot of corosion in the battery chamber and it seems the trigger mechanism was forcefully pressed with the lens cover on.

Cleaning the corosion made the camera come to life, and then I tried to release the shutter by gently trying the different gears. And then TA-DA, it actually worked. Here's a picture of what I did:

Now I have a completely working camera, with a great lens that impressed me after the test roll.