Rossana Battisti was born in 1978.She defines her photograph an emotional photograph and her works have a strong evocative power. She photographs the dream, the invisible and the unconscious.

Her photographic experiments are intimate and conceptual, the self-portraits decline her to the third person and the journey is for her a reflection on life. Rossana's works are mostly autobiographical, symbolic and twilight poetry and nature are some of the elements that make up his works.

She's known as  Roxy Beat on Instagram and Facebook

I strongly believe in the saving power of beauty, I believe in purification through Nature, I believe in mysticism and I believe that art is the only answer to our sterile life. The choice of these photos makes up my alive and pulsing "inside". All the old things, the old photos, the smell of shadow, the smell of the past and abandonment reassure me and silence the noise of today's life, awakening in me the deep desire for a return to natural life.
Mine is a twilight photograph that wanders in the silence of the parks, between statues and the smell of rain using ephemeral and symbolic objects that evoke an active melancholy. My photos are permeated with memory and memories, melancholy and feelings.
I'm making a series of photographs taken with various analogue machines printed on the yellowed pages of old books and on vintage ephemera.The combination of photography and old books perfectly condenses the concept of memory and memories because the old yellowed pages smell of tree and wood. Reading is a great source of inspiration for me, it has always been. Books are a cornerstone of my life. I would define my photography an "emotional photography". When I photograph an object, a garden or a statue, I never try to represent the object itself, as much as the feeling that this object gives back to the viewer.
I'm a traditionalist photographer and I work mainly with analogue cameras (Nikon FM2, Canon AE1, Pentax 645, Weltaflex 120 and toy cameras) because is much more poetic. I develop my own color and black and white rolls and I print by myself.