Wirawan Sanjaya: Shooting film is a journey

Wirawan Sanjaya:  Shooting film is a journey
"Photography is for everybody but film photography is not for everybody, but if you are crazy enough it might be for you."

Tell us about yourself.

You can call me Wi2, I'm 32 and Damn I love Indonesia, that's my country :). I'm a professional photographer.
Wirawan Sanjaya

When and how did the film journey begin for you?

I started to shoot film again about 4-5 years ago. As an artist I got to a dead end, numb, lifeless moment to make art / craft. I tried to go back to the roots and I do believe that the whole process of shooting film made me a better photographer. I was reborn & liberated.
Wirawan Sanjaya

Shooting film is no ordinary process, it is a journey that takes us to the realm of endless possibilities.
It all started with the simple step of loading film. From there on, it lead me to a journey that made me who I am today.
Shooting film slows me down. It makes me think twice before hitting the shutter. Every shot counts and every mistake costs.
In a way, it puts more pressure on us, to make it right, but it also pushes us to be better and disciplined. It forces
 us to be aware of all the elements around us and sharpens our vision, because shooting film is like capturing the moment with our mind. In a way the camera becomes an extension of our senses.
Wirawan Sanjaya

A journey can only go so far as its destination. As the final destination comes near, we are left with the simplest yet hardest part, waiting. While our negatives are being cooked/processed, our mind wanders. Seeing our pictures for the first time takes us back to the time when we were little, running down the stairs on Christmas morning to find tons of presents waiting under the tree. The big reward comes in the form of our own creation.

What Could we always find in your gear bag and what camera makes you click?

My main camera is P67 + 105mm f2.4 (always bring this beast with me).
For wide angle I shoot with a Mamiya7 + 65mm f4.
For walking around I use my Leica m4p + Ultron 28mm f2.
My light meter is a Sekonic L358.
Wirawan Sanjaya

Anyway, I have a lot of analogue cameras, walking around with an analogue camera hanging around your neck is bad-ass. Enough said :) :)
Also I have a color film stock, fuji 160ns & 400H, P400 and P800 (sometimes ektar 100) ,for BW I mostly shoot ilford hp5.
Wirawan Sanjaya

Who are your models? How do you interact with them before shooting?

Most of time I work with professional models, usually we discuss with the designer or the fashion editor before shooting. My style is more spontaneous, so basically, I meet with the model on the day of the photo session, but I often work with the same model since I'm a "boring" photographer :) :)

What inspires you most?

My Kids are my inspiration. Other than that I love to collect books. Photographers who influence my work are Henri Cartier Bresson, Paolo Roversi, Mary Ellen Mark, Deborah Turberville, Annie Leibovitz, Lillian Bassman.

Do you have any advice for film photographers out there?

The hardest part in being a photographer is finding identity for our craft, so try to stay focused on yourself rather than looking at other photographer's work.

Do you think you will still be shooting film in 20 years?

AMIN!!! while Hollywood still shoots celluloid we're safe :)
Photography is for everybody but film photography is not for everybody, but if you are crazy enough it might be for you.
Wirawan Sanjaya
Wirawan Sanjaya
Wirawan Sanjaya
Wirawan Sanjaya
Wirawan Sanjaya
Wirawan Sanjaya
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