This book is a lot of minimal photos that are based around what it is like to live in the mid-west. My goal when shooting was to submerge you in the simple mid-west lifestyle.

This book is a celebration on life.

I grew up without a father, so my mom and grandma raised me. Recently in September my grandmother passed away, and with that my grandfather gave me some of the best advise. "Morn for a little, Celebrate her for the rest of your life."

In January I decided that was when I would start to celebrate the legacy she left on my life. So You're A Sunflower (A book of photos shot on film) is how I'm honoring her, she always told me to run for my dreams and I wanted to make a dent financially in her name to something she loved. When she had her health she would volunteer at Wayside Waif a non kill animal shelter in Kansas City. All the proceed from this book will be donated to Wayside Waifs in her name.