"Film. I could never leave it"

Tell us about yourself.

My name's Sarah Elise Abramson and I shoot with an all manual SRT 201 Minolta with a broken back door and a broken light meter. I have to tape the back shut every time I load a new roll of film; sometimes light leeks happen..and sometimes I'm okay with that. I also have to use my brain to figure out exposure.

I feel like it keeps me in touch with my roots and keeps me grounded within this art form.
I also sometimes shoot with my SX-70 Polaroid camera.
Sarah Elise Abramson I'm twenty-eight years old and I'm from San Pedro, Ca. I'm a photographer, columnist for American Art Collector Magazine as well as Culture Magazine, I sometimes curate, I sometimes paint, and I sometimes assemble.

When and how did the film journey begin for you?

Film is what I was taught on and it's what made me fall in love with photography as my main form of expression, from the start. I could never leave it.
Sarah Elise Abramson What type of film do you usually shoot and what made you choose it?

Lately I've been using Ektar 100 color negative film but sometimes I shoot with slide film as well. I also shoot Impossible project open shade instant film when using my SX-70.
Sarah Elise Abramson What camera makes you click?

Large, medium format cameras. The ones you have to go under a dark cloth for.

Between black and white and colour film which would you choose?

Colour because I love it too much and feel lucky I get to see the amount I do. However, I respect and love black and white for a whole other set of reasons.

What lenses do you use?

A 58mm that's slightly dented.

Do you make any experiments on film?

I've cross processed, done light tricks in the dark room, let film expire, double exposures.. stuff like that but nothing more. I enjoy film as it is. A good photo is a good photo, despite what tricky things you do to it.

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