Hey, since we all enjoy Instagram, and most of us are in lockdown at home, here's a great story series shot by Melissa & Aleksandar and illustrated with the help of Kristina.

It was our shared passion for film photography which brought us together, on Instagram. One week ago, we found ourselves talking about our lack of artistic inspiration and motivation during the COVID-19 lockdown. That's when we had the idea for this project: a list of things to photograph at home. We would then put the photos together and see how they interact with each other. Aleksandar lives in Skopje, North Macedonia and I live in Florence, Italy. We used one roll of 35mm film each and we made a list of 27 things to photograph. Alek used a Canon A1 with Ilford HP5 plus 400 film, I used an Olympus OM2n with AgfaPhoto APX 100 film, and we both developed at home. It was great to finally compare each other's choices and to find differences as well as similarities. This project is a great opportunity to show how art and inspiration can be found even in the simplest of things, and in the hardest of times.