"Photography is light. Never forget."

Tell us about yourself.

I'm 43 years old. I'm from Paris, not Texas, France. I'm in charge of copyright in a media company.
David Congnard

What first interested you in analog photography?

It's impossible to erase !
So, you must make effort, be attentive and careful. Watch (observe), perceive (feel), understand (grasp), frame (choose), release (decide).
Doing things seriously, with respect for them.
David Congnard What camera makes you click?

First, SLR : Nikon F3, Contax 139Q.
Then, medium format : Mamiya 645.
And now, point and shoot : Nikon AF600, Contax TVS.
David Congnard What do you focus on when shooting film?

The silence behind things. It can appear through a person, through a three, in the sky, on a wall. It's a call.
David Congnard

What inspires you most?

Photography is light. Never forget. So light, movement, energy : a plant under sunshine, a look that says, a hand that takes, grass that is waiting for something.
The places where we live, too. What it means for people, what it say about people.
David Congnard

Do you have a favorite analog photographer or website which you'd like to recommend

I have been impressed by Saul Leiter's photographs.
In Instagram, I like the work of many people.
David Congnard David Congnard David Congnard David Congnard David Congnard David Congnard David Congnard David Congnard

You can find David Congnard here: Instagram arthurbranken.blogspot