"I think I can say that Zenit E remains one of my favorites so far"

Tell us about yourself.

I am 29, from Braila, but living in Bucharest - Romania. I work for a multinational company dealing with customers queries from the DACH region, that are in need of the company’s voice systems for their businesses.
Cristina Cârâc
When and how did the film journey begin for you?

I started shooting film in March 2009, after I found a Zenit E in my father’s photography drawer. I asked him if it still works, and he said that it should, as it is a Russian brand, so I bought an Ektar 100, and took my first photos in a short day trip to Giurgiu and Padurea Comana.

Although my father (former amateur photographer) wanted to teach me how to develop the films, I didn’t have a place in Bucharest where I would have been able to do that on my own, so I found out the studios in Bucharest where I could have them developed and scanned, and this is how my passion began.
Cristina Cârâc
What type of film do you usually shoot and what made you choose it?

I don’t have a favorite film that I shoot with. I mainly like Iflord (HP5, XP2, FP4) films for their clarity, sensitivity and contrast, but I have tried quite few others like Foma and even some Azopan Mures films (expired from 2005), that I bought from a guy here in Bucharest who had quite a big stock of them.
Cristina Cârâc
What camera makes you click?

I think I can say that Zenit E remains one of my favorites so far, but it has a small issue as the camera’s cover keeps opening while using it, and sometimes light goes in, so then I use one of the other cameras that I have.
Cristina Cârâc
How do you choose the camera you'll be using at a festival?

I try choosing a camera that has fix lens, better for the night shots.

How do people react when they realise you're shooting on film?

I am not sure if someone realized that I am shooting on film, except few people that are with me and know that I am using a film camera. Although I got someone at one point, asking me to take a photo of him, and then wanted to see it, and I told him that would only be possible in few days. He was surprised to know that some still use film cameras.

Between black and white and colour film which would you choose?

I think I like more the BW films for the depth and the kind of “emotion” they send to the viewer. My father actually found a BW film expired from 1983, an Orwo 100 and I took some awkward, but nice photos with the Minolta X-300.

What lenses do you use?

It depends on the camera, but mostly fix lenses – 35mm, 50mm, 55mm.

Do you perform any experiments on film?

I have made few multiple exposures, tried using some expired films, but besides that, nothing yet. I am still to try to put the film in the microwave after shooting it, or in a bath of ink, to see what will get out of that.

Cristina Cârâc
Cristina Cârâc
Cristina Cârâc
Cristina Cârâc

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