"Respect each frame."

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Nikola Stokanovic. I am 31, born in Belgrade -Yugoslavia today Serbia and i shoot interiors and F&B (food and beverage) for a living.
Nikola Stokanovic

What was the first thing that interested you in film photography?

What first interested me.. Everything! Every sound that film cameras produce like film rewinding, shutter sound, curtain and mirror move. Expectations of what would come out after developing. That feeling when you hold a SLR film camera, not this plastic/silicon feel like we have today on this modern DSLR cameras.
Nikola Stokanovic

What camera makes you click?

Mamiya RZ67. When you pop-up that waist level viewfinder and you see a frame trough a bright matte glass it's magic. 6x7 negatives are really big and they scan like a dream..
Nikola Stokanovic

What do you focus on when shooting film?

On 6x7 you have 10 shots per film, so you need to slow down and think. Respect each frame. Not to think twice, more like 4 or 5 times before you press the button. Light intensity, shadows, composition, camera setup..
Nikola Stokanovic

What inspires you most?

Travels, interiors, food, wine, whisky, craft beer, people and Chef's Table series.
Nikola Stokanovic

Do you have a favorite analog photographer or web site you would like to recommend?

Analog photographer..Jan Scholz, Daria Svertilova, Jochen Abitz, Radoslaw Pujan, Thomas Sporleder. For Web there are many amazing Flickr film groups.
Nikola Stokanovic

Do your photos reveal your feelings?

They are more like a diary. Where I've been, what I saw, tasted, smelled..
Nikola Stokanovic Nikola Stokanovic Nikola Stokanovic Nikola Stokanovic Nikola Stokanovic Nikola Stokanovic Nikola Stokanovic

You can find Nikola Stokanovic here: www.nikandtam.com Instagram Flickr Tumblr