"Analog. It was a totally different world and I found it by far, much more pleasant."

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Pablo Eguiguren l and I am 25 years old. I live in La Plata, Argentina. I am a photographer and that’s what I do for a living. I don’t imagine doing anything else; it is not always easy, but I put all my energy and passion every time I use my camera.

Pablo Eguiguren

When and how did the film journey begin for you?

The film journey definitely started about one year ago. But this is the history: When I was 19 I got into photography, I used to use a Pentax MZ, just at the time that analog photography was being replaced by a faster digital age. In those days what I liked the most was the class of "Black & White Laboratory", to see the picture appear in a tray with developer chemical, the negative and the darkroom. I think any photographer who has done it, knows the pleasure you get from it. But once I finished my studies, I bought a digital camera, and then I got carried away by the modern wave and I just worked with that.
Pablo Eguiguren

Over time I began to see and learn about the work of other photographers from all over the world, photos that had a very particular aesthetic and they definitely captured my attention.

At that point I began to do some research about formats and analog cameras. Until one day I thought- "Why not buy a new camera and some rolls and try?” I started to get closer and closer to the medium format. And one day, I took the final leap: I bought a Yashica Mat, thanks to a friend’s offer. It was a totally different world and I found it by far, much more pleasant. To me it is an inspiration and a huge motivation to meet again with patience and be able to capture the beauty of things. I see in the negatives something physical. And from there I decided to work full time with analog photography.
Pablo Eguiguren

What type of film do you usually shoot and what made you choose it?

Lately I used some Tmax-400 and in this moment the camera is loaded with a Tri-x. I do not know if there is something specific that made me choose this film. It depends on the moment and places. It has to do with needing the perfect time of the day, but usually I like the fine grain and soft contrast. If I choose colour, I like Portra 400 very much.
Pablo Eguiguren

What camera makes you click?

Right now I'm using a Mamiya C330 which is not perhaps as comfortable as I would like it to be, considering that I use it without a tripod, but the camera is beautiful, quiet and that gives me a lot of pleasure in every photo shoot.

Between black and white and color film Which would you choose?

I prefer black and white. I find it more comfortable in terms of thinking and composing a photo. I visualize almost all my pictures in black and white. And tones that are achieved in 120mm are beautiful.
I'm thinking of doing more photos in colour, but 35mm.

What lenses do you use?

Now I use Sekor 80mm 2.8. I work mostly doing portraits so at the moment I do not feel the need to use another one, maybe 135mm.

Pablo Eguiguren Pablo Eguiguren Pablo Eguiguren Pablo Eguiguren Pablo Eguiguren Pablo Eguiguren

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