Last year, in December we published the first article featuring Yoshitaka Goto's double-exposures. The article is called "Crazy double-exposures by Yoshitaka Goto" and you can read more about his work here.

We're back with another set of double-exposures.
Yoshitaka Goto Tell us a bit about this set of images.

These double exposures were taken as self film swapping. I used LOMO LC-A+ and lens accessory "Splitzer".

The basic location was Iceland. Then I shot in Hong Kong and Tokyo after. Because I wanted to mix nature and artifact. I thought it made a story like a present "Genesis".
Yoshitaka Goto To tell the truth, I had a solo exhibition with these works in OCT 2016, the title was "Another side of genesis".
Yoshitaka Goto Yoshitaka Goto Yoshitaka Goto Yoshitaka Goto Yoshitaka Goto You can find Yoshitaka Goto's work here:, Facebook, Instagram