"A good double exposure takes a lot of thought and composition."

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Hayden Williams, I'm 22 and from Frederick, Maryland. I'm currently in University, about to graduate with a degree in Biochemistry.
Hayden Williams

How long have you been taking analog photographs, and how did it start?

I've been taking analog photos for about 2 and a half years. I saw a Canon AE-1 at a thrift store for 25 dollars. It came with a really cool camera strap, and I thought that even if the camera didn't work, it's a pretty cool strap so it's worth the gamble. The camera, of course, worked and I've been playing with it ever since. Hayden Williams

When did you discover the multiple-exposure technique and how was your first shot?

I saw some examples of multiple exposures online, via insta or flickr. I thought they were pretty cool, but felt like everyone was doing the same shots and not really exploring anything beyond girl portrait silhouette filled in with trees. I thought I could make stuff that nobody had done before, so I googled how to multi-expose on an AE-1. My first shots were pretty chaotic.
Hayden Williams

Do you double-expose each frame or shoot the hole film, rewind it and shoot again?

I do frame-by-frame. Rewinding the whole roll is just praying for good luck.
Hayden Williams

What do you shoot first: the background or the main subject?

The order doesn't matter, the light is additive and will result in the same picture regardless.
Hayden Williams

Do you self develop or get a lab to process your film?

I self-develop when I shoot frequently. In the winter, when it takes me around two months to finish a roll of film, I send it out to be developed because it's more economical.
Hayden Williams

What's your favorite camera for double-exposures?

I've only really tried it with the AE-1. I've been looking into getting a nikon f2/f3 since they have a multi-exposure button. But they're a little too expensive for my taste.
Hayden Williams Do you have a tip or technique that other film photographers should try?

A good double exposure takes a lot of thought and composition. If you want consistently good doubles, you have to shoot them frame by frame!
Hayden Williams Hayden Williams Hayden Williams

You can find Hayden Williams here: www.haydenclay.com, Instagram, Flickr.