"Could places be conquered by femininity?"

Here's another article from Iulian Ignat!
You can see the other one we wrote about him and his project here.

Tell us about the project, FE.

Iulian Ignat
Around the end of 2011 I felt the need to make a change.
Til then, I always tried to catch things that were already happening, to go as unnoticed as I could, make my camera invisible and not take part in what was happening, either if it was daily street photography, a show, the carnival of Venice or the life of the monks from Oasa.
Iulian Ignat
In late 2011 I started to get closer to the subject, talk with him/her, shoot feminine portraits. My vision changed in time and people could see this in the FE exhibition.

The FE exhibition was my way of trying to catch the aura and feminine mystery.
Iulian Ignat

The series was displayed at the Bucharest National Theater from November 2014 til January 2015 and at the Cultural Institute from Viena in March 2015.

I kept shooting medium format and tried to find a way to connect femininity and Bucharest, the city I live in. Bucharest is a crowded, loud city, with an hysteric rhythm in which you sometimes feel overwhelmed by vehicles and not by people. Still, a city full of places I'm impressed by and I continue to discover.
Iulian Ignat

So I ask you and myself as well:
Could these places be conquered by femininity?
Could they flow with the same vibe and sync, even if it only lasts moments so you can take the shot?
Could this reveal different faces of these places?

I would really like to find new models (unprofessional models) to keep exploring this connection.
Iulian Ignat
Iulian Ignat
Iulian Ignat
All the photos were taken in Bucharest using a Rolleicord and Ilford films.

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