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Hello there!

Remember Nicolás Athens? He was one of our first published artists in our Instant category. This time let's focus on his other type of work!

What Could we always find in your gear bag?

Sincerely, it depends on the day and light when you photograph, I don't use bags specific to any brand (do not like), but usually carry some 35mm black and white film, such as Kodak Tri-X, Tmax or some Ilford and sometimes some color film (although lately my love for monochrome has been increasing)

I always carry my iPhone 4S also used as a light meter for my medium format cameras, a small notebook and a pencil to write down things you do not want to forget, my vintage Rolex that my father gave me, a blower to blow my lenses and equipment before placing the rolls and always something to drink!
Nicolás Athens

What camera makes you click?

My favorite of all time: FM2n Nikon, Fuji Instax 210 wide, Mamiya RB67 Pro s, Yashicaflex TLR, Kiev 6c
Nicolás Athens

Who are your models? How do you interact with them before shooting?

My models or the girls who I work with, some are professional models and others are normal girls I meet, which adjust very well to my work and style.

Usually I have a rule, prior to photography give me time to build a relationship with them, to break the ice and get to know them a little more, to talk to me about their life and their goals, etc. After a few weeks of contact I begin to take some pictures, I always say the first will not be the best haha, because this depends largely on the relationship that we develop over time, with some I work very fast and with others it takes a little longer, but then they come to understand even more that when shooting with analog cameras it is required to go slower and do everything carefully!
Nicolás Athens

What inspires you most?

Lighting definitely, I'm also inspired by talented people, other photographers or artists, life, love, music, some movies and above all women.
Nicolás Athens

Do you have any advice for film photographers out there?

Yes, do not be afraid to experiment by yourself, try different cameras, formats and rolls, and finally decide which you like more based on those experiences, not limited only to shooting portraits or fashion, etc. try to try everything.

Share what you know with others, if you shoot color, let in one or two steps more light and if you shoot in black and white otherwise :)

Do you think you will still be shooting film in 20 years?

Clearly, if I'm still alive. In fact every time I use my digital camera less and I feel some kind of rejection (as if it were a foreign element that enters my body) hahaah

Anyway analog photography came into my life years ago and it's like a drug.

Nicolás Athens Nicolás Athens Nicolás Athens Nicolás Athens Nicolás Athens Nicolás Athens

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